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41,81 EUR*
Details Effective Communication Techniques for Child Care

Effective Communication Techniques for Child Care An exemplary communication instruction manual for the entire spectrum of child care professionals, from directors and owners to teachers and other staff. Students will learn how to make the most of ...

11,85 EUR*
Details TLC--Talking and Listening with Care: A Communication Guide for Singles and Couples

Two professors present a guide to better communication for singles and couples that shows better ways to talk and listen.

59,49 EUR*
Details Talk of Power, Power of Talk: The 1994 Health Care Reform Debate and Beyond (Praeger Series in Political Communication (Hardcover))

Shelton confirms the power of talk in the specific case of the 1994 debate on comprehensive health care reform and beyond. He provides a context rich with detail concerning health care and health care reform in America and a social scientific ...

22,09 EUR*
Details Language Development in Children with Special Needs: Performative Communication

Language Development in Children with Special Needs Speech and language skills are often severely delayed in children with disabilities such as Down's Syndrome or autism. This guide offers carers and parents, a week-by-week programme to encourage ...

81,99 EUR*
Details Electroacoustics

Electroacoustic devices such as microphones and loudspeakers are used everywhere from cars and mobile phones to homes, places of worship, and sports arenas. They are a key part of the modern communication society, helping to transmit information to ...

15,00 EUR*
Details Dashmount Mazda 2 >09/2007

Dashmount Mazda 2 >09/2007 The Dashmount 71145 non-damaging, no-holes mounting bracket is vehicle specific and designed to provide a safe and secure platform to mount your hands-free car kit, mobile phone holder or other mobile communications device ...

19,99 EUR*
Details Parent-Friendly Early Learning: Tips and Strategies for Working Well with Families

Parent-Friendly Early Learning Strategies for good communication and problem-solving between child care teachers and parents. Full description